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New Texture Relaxer


New Texture Relaxer Kit

New Texture Relaxer
The best kept secret for curly hair, New Texture is a sodium-free guanidine hydroxide relaxer that does a great job on any hair texture. Control the strength and relaxing speed by varying the amount of activator mixed with the relaxer cream. Designed with highly textured Latino and African-American hair textures in mind, it controls texture without diminishing it. This is the 12 Pack application. Also available in a 25 pack.

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Suzanne Reyes - December 12, 2015:

To whom it may concern,

I am a Vitale pro fan. I have yet to use a relaxer that works so well on my hair and leaves it felling and looking so natural. The only problem is that I have recently moved to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and there doesn’t seem to be a hairdressers that uses this product. Could you tell me where the closest representative is located? Is there any possibility of buying your products from you? I am now in desperate need and would prefer not to go back to the relaxers I used in the past. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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