Get To Know Vitale Pro RELAXERS

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  • $19.30

    Safe Rx Mild Relaxer

    The safest alternative for hair preservation, Safe Rx is a sodium hydroxide formula designed for over porous and/or color-treated hair. Its gentle low-sodium, multiconditioner makeup keeps the cuticle intact. By breaking fewer chemical bonds at a slower pace, Safe Rx complements porous and damaged hair. This is the 64 oz application. Also available in a 152 oz.

  • $19.30

    High Comfort Regular Relaxer

    For a stress-free relaxing experience, African Shea Butter enhances High Comfort’s sodium hydroxide formula. This special buffer allows the hair to straighten with less scalp irritation than regular-strength relaxers. High Comfort provides straight, longlasting silkiness in a short period of time. Clients rank it at the top of its class. This is the 64 oz application. Also available in a 16 and 152 oz.

  • $19.30

    Resistant Relaxer

    Similar to High Comfort Relaxer, Resistant Relaxer also contains Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and Shea Butter to transform resistant hair to silky hair full of vitality. It works best with a faster application. This is the 64 oz application. Also available in 152 oz.

  • $24.20

    Tender Headed Relaxer

    The gentle alternative for a sensitive scalp, Tender Headed has a lithium hydroxide base. The low molecular weight and lower pH of lithium hydroxide offer a high-speed penetration. Added Aloe Vera and African Shea Butter reduce hair damage and minimize scalp irritation while generating soft, bouncy hair with a radiant sheen. It retains some natural texture and works best with fine - to mediumtextured hair of normal porosity. This is the 64 oz application. Also available in a 152 oz.

  • $33.02

    New Texture Relaxer (Kit)

    The best kept secret for curly hair, New Texture is a sodium-free guanidine hydroxide relaxer that does a great job on any hair texture. Control the strength and relaxing speed by varying the amount of activator mixed with the relaxer cream. Designed with highly textured Latino and African-American hair textures in mind, it controls texture without diminishing it. This is the 12 Pack application. Also available in a 25 pack.